Your dedicated Refit Shed

Upon arrival to the runways where we will haul you out we have custom-designed and built super fenders that run alongside to offer you peace of mind.

We will be there to grab a line and step the vessel into position to eliminate any stress or uncertainty.

Our shipyard crew do everything they can to ensure every boat is buffered and hauled with The Boat Works’ trademark treatment, just as owners would expect.

You will find once set down within either the Hardstand, Refit Shed or in the new under cover Hardstand area that nothing is a problem for our crew. They’re more than obliging and there to assist and guide you on your boat maintenance/ refit journey.

The 100 & 70 BFMII Travel Lifts deliver exactly what you expect in a boat hoist; speed with strength and precision.

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Our exstensive collection of individual bay Refit sheds can be screened for a controlled work environment.

Individual Refit Sheds: with optional screening.

The bonus here is you are within your own individual bay with full access to 3 phase power, waste and water inclusive. All sheds now feature LED lighting within the high bays.

We cater to 15m in height and even have mast suitable Refit bays via our onsite partners at Shed i16.

Sandblast Shed: in addition to the 40 sheds onsite we offer a dedicated Sandblast bay with full containment & suitable screening.

Storage / lockable container:  Before works commence why not review the option of hiring a storage container. It’ll be positioned within the shed or working bay awaiting your arrival.

A great storage option for all the gear that may well need to be removed from the boat for works. Or perhaps use the container as a general work zone, somewhere to store your tools and supplies safely. The containers have an in-built bench and really are the perfect companion for your supplies and miscellaneous items.

Scissor lifts another option which ideally should be pre-booked via our onsite based hire mate shop.

Contact: Trade Mate Hire

Ph: 07 5502 9255 | Mobile: 0419 944 660

Trade paint and chandlery items: with our onsite trade Superstore, the Marine Trade Supplies and Chandlery will not be beaten on price.  They have the full range of antifoam, detailing paints and accessories along with anodes, stainless steel fittings, rope, anchors and more. The complete a-z of marine supplies.

Better yet, pre-order your paint & supplies and they will even deliver direct to your allocated Shed / Hardstand.

Contact: Marine Trade Supplies Chandlery Superstore

Ph: 07  5500 0002

For additional services and supplies such as scaffold, additional screening etc please liaise direct with our team onsite whom will guide you.

Onsite shed reservations via or contact us on Ph: 07 5500 0000