World-leading environmental standards

The Boat Works can lay claim to being the country’s cleanest and greenest shipyard, investing in and implementing innovative technology and stringent processes in place to protect the land, air and water.

Comprising resort-style lawns, mature palms for shade, low maintenance cactus gardens and rows of citrus trees, the entire 55-acre facility – comprising the original southern yard and the purpose-built superyacht yard – was designed to capture, recycle and reuse the precious resource of water.

The Boat Works has the capacity to store over one million litres of rainwater for site cleaning.

In the Superyacht yard, water is treated using the Australian-made Fox Evo-Systems, a 3-stage process that aids in stormwater diversion and wastewater treatment.

The sophisticated “first flush system” diverts wastewater to the extensive bio gardens around the shipyard’s perimeter, ensuring no contaminants run-off to the Coomera River.

The 50,000-square-metre superyacht hardstand was laid with a gentle yet effective gradient, a 1:100 fall from the front to the rear of the property, steering water to recycling or sewage system.

Stainless-steel filtration seals are installed on all drains to prevent debris entering the waterway.

Along the river frontage, the 115-berth marina has preserved and cultivated around 500-metres of mangrove habitat, protecting the riverbank and creating a home for many marine and bird species.

The most recent environmental initiative is the installation of an “off grid” hybrid lighting system within the Superyacht Yard.

The new system harnesses the power of solar and wind constantly, all year round, regardless of the weather or time of day using a 300w wind turbine and 400w solar panel. The built-in lithium battery then stores and delivers consistent lighting throughout the Yard via a motion sensor 100w LED light.

Completely off-grid and self-sufficient, the system provides lifetime energy cost savings, with no trenching or underground wiring required. There is a significant reduction in greenhouse gases from elimination of fossil-fuel dependency and the turbine operates under minimal wind speeds.

David Good, CEO of Superyacht Australia said the development of The Boat Works’ Superyacht yard has enhanced the reputation of the Australian industry, “particularly with the environmental planning that is broadly evident”.

“There are two obvious standouts when comparing with other yards,” he said. “Firstly, the design and engineering so that the water runs into pollutant traps away from the Coomera River and then bio-gardens to further protect the waterways. Secondly, the placement of marina pontoons outside of the mangroves on the riverbed provides erosion protection, wave attenuation from passing craft and habitat for aquatic life. I have not seen this type of environmental planning at any other shipyard site anywhere in the world.”

The Boat Works’ neighbour in the Coomera Marine Precinct, Maritimo manufactures motor yachts for local and international clients. Founder, Bill Barry-Cotter is effusive in his praise for their achievements.

“From our experience launching motor yachts at The Boat Works over many years, it’s evident their team is committed to environmental safeguards and protections in their daily activities. The environment and the Coomera River are absolute passions for Tony.”

From a customer’s perspective, the eco-considerations are evident.

“The Boat Works facility sets the benchmark in environmental and customer service excellence,” said Robert Rafter, owner of a 70-foot motor yacht and marina manager from a northern based marina.

The Boat Works’ owner and CEO, Tony Longhurst said his aim is to create an oasis for owners, crew and the local community through environmentally-friendly enhancements.

“This ethos underpins everything we do here,” said Tony. “Our customers, owners and visiting crews are the beneficiaries of this commitment to the highest standards, but it’s the River and the environment that benefit long-term.”