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Regardless of purchasing a new or old vessel you should consider having a Survey conducted for peace of mind.

Detecting any potential issues such as Osmosis, incorrect shaft install or faulty fuel systems could be uncovered saving you thousands.

Marine Surveyor will conduct inspections, surveys or examinations of vessels to assess, monitor and report on their condition and the products on them along with inspecting any damage caused.

Pre Purchase Inspection; It is necessary to have fulfilled a comprehensive pre purchase survey for your future investment and safety.

A Sea trial is again recommended in conjunction to the inspection. Inspections involve; structural integrity of the vessel, afloat and in the slings, electrical, electronic, plumbing, navigation and miscellaneous systems including onboard safety systems.

Marine Insurance; surveying is often closely associated with marine insurance, damage and salvage, accident and fraud investigation along with renewals and will provide an unbiased view.

Conditions Surveys; will determine the value of the vessel for insurance purpose or sale.
The Boat Works extend a discounted rate for this purpose of haul out, as generally the vessel will only require a water blast and is held within the slings i.e. no set down unless required. 

A comprehensive survey inspection of the hull is sufficient to examine underwater surfaces and fittings.

Generally an hours timeframe out of water is allocated for the review by the Surveyor.

RTM Marine

RTM Marine = Surveyor located onsite - North Yard Building N1 A

Rod Twitchin

Ph: 0412 641 614 E:  

Peter Pope

Peter Pope Maritime Solutions

Ph: 0407 736 331 E:

Nicholas Lockyer

Nicholas J. Lockyer – KPS Maritime

Ph: 0449 247 525 E:

Peter Kidd

Peter Kidd – Survey Class Marine

Ph: 0418 729 370 E:

Tim Newton Marine Surveyor

Tim Newton Marine Surveyor

Ph: 0410 067 702 E:

Boat Buy

Boat Buy Marine Engineer & Surveyor

Brendan Sutton

Ph: 0412 727 881 E:


Pre Purchase & Insurance Inspection

Scott Cumming

Ph: 0404 107 866 E:

Seal Marine

Boat Surveys & Inspections-Thermal Imaging-Non Destructive Thickness Testing

Nathan Clark

Ph: 07 5522 4071, 0448 037 215  E:


Andrew Laughlin

Ph: 0401 632 004 E: