Sea Spray

Sea Spray
South Yard | Building D5
1 Boatworks Drive
Complete Maintenance for your Boat

Gelcoat polishing

Having extensive knowledge of both gelcoat and paint means the team can offer you the best service for cleaning, polishing and detailing your boat.

Using top of the range products and the very best tools they are able to restore the gelcoat and paint on your boat, whether it needs to be wet sanded to remove the old oxidised layer or a multi stage renovation process prior to finishing with a final wax or sealer, or whether you just need your boat hand waxed to protect the surface.  Skills to undertake every task.


Maintenance packages and Washes

The crew of experienced super yacht detailers are able to maintain the shine on your boat, either as a one off task prior to an event or as a regular customised maintenance package.

Using only portable water purifiers that remove impurities from the water ensuring that your boat is only washed with the best quality water and ensure that there are no water spots left on your washed surfaces.


Interior detailing and carpet and upholstery cleaning

With the range of steam cleaning, fogging and extraction equipment they are more than capable of dealing with all aspects of interior cleaning, sterilisation, and flood remediation.

Whether it’s a one off interior clean or something more serious. Even a deep clean after a major refit or event the crew can look after all parts of your vessels interior.

  • Gel Coat Polishing
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Interior Cleaning
  • Vessel Preparation
  • Antifouling