Shane Subichin General Manager

A passionate career drives industry asset


With over 20 year’s experience, and as the only Certified Service Manager (CSM) in Australia, endorsed by the Marina Industries Association (MIA), our operations manager Shane Subichin is an asset to the marine industry. Bordering on an obsession, it’s the enthusiasm and passion that Shane applies to his career that makes it a privilege to have him onboard.

Shane spent his early life on the Pittwater and Sydney harbour. At 12 years old, he saved up for a 2.5hp Johnson motor for a little clinker dingy he purchased. ͞

On my first voyage, I went from Church Point to the Basin with a spare fuel drum, to my parent’s boat. I trekked all along the Pittwater around the different islands. It was a fair way. It took hours. I was just excited to have my boat. I got there and my motor caught on fire. I had to tip the whole boat over and I lost my motor“, says Shane.

At 16, fuelling the passion, Shane worked at Mariner Cruisers. He then got a job with Clontarf Marina where he completed a fibreglass and reinforced plastics course.

I worked on the Sydney Harbour waterfront and loved it. Was there for six years. It gave me a good knowledge of the water and boats. I had heaps of different jobs, from fixing and securing moorings to servicing winches, as a slipway hand.” says Shane.

When Shane moved to the Gold Coast, he walked in to a job with Runaway Bay Marina, where he stayed for 15.5 years. ͞”It was the first straddle carrier I’d operated. I started doing vessel maintenance, boat repairs, spray-painting and antifouling, and worked my way up to shipyard manager. I completed a lot of training, including Marina management courses and a diploma of frontline business management and Certificate 4 in Training and Assessing”

I loved that job but the opportunity for a bigger yard and broader customer range came along. I saw the potential in The Boat Works. Since arriving, I’ve seen customer growth, and it excites me when a happy customer goes away tells another person and they come. The number one thing is always the boat owner and their boat. I love what I do here. There is always change and the business keeps on exciting me.

While it’s one thing to love your day job, it’s another thing to take it on holidays with you. “Yes, when I go on holidays I enjoy going to marinas and boat yards,͟ says Shane laughing. ͞I’m interested in how they do things differently, it helps me better our business, which is always the goal. As a CSM I have a high pedestal to stand on.

Breakout text: Bordering on an obsession, it’s the enthusiasm and passion that Shane applies to his career that makes it a privilege to have him onboard.

What’s a CSM?

There’s a long pathway to becoming an internationally recognised CSM, the high criteria includes a series of training. To maintain the endorsement, Shane contributes to industry growth as course facilitator and assessor. Ian Winestock, Industry Education Officer from the

Marina Industries Association (MIA) explains: “Shane Subichin has been a great asset to the education program of the Marina Industries Association. For five years he has been the pivotal presenter and assesor for our accredited Straddle Carrier Operations and Maintenance course where he has shared his boatyard knowledge and experience to increase the professionalism in the Australian marina industry. His expertise has been a major contribution to our education program.

The MIA has evolved over the last ten years to include international partnerships, widerecognition and Marina Management education in schools. For more insight, visit