List your Boat for sale and receive 3 months FREE*

*Valid 2017 only With the only dedicated Out-of-Water Boat Sales precinct displaying an array of Mono & Multihull’s both power and sail you can’t pass up this offer.


no logo-31The unique & attractive display area is currently undergoing a refresh and is kicking off with a revamp deal by our onsite based brokers;

Alexander Marine Australia
Catamaran Company
Ensign Ship Brokers
Ian McKenzie International
Lagoon (The Multihull Group)
Multihull Solutions
Sacs Marine QLD
Yachtsmen International

100 tonne cat lift

View our sales page via the website for direct contact with each onsite based Broker.

T & C’s; Liaise direct with the relevant onsite Broker for more detail.

  1. If the Boat is Not Sold within the first three months of being set down, the first three months Broker storage fees are FREE.
  2. If the Boat is Sold within the first three months, the full Broker storage fee will apply. (i.e from set down date)
  3. Offer is effective from the date of set down.
  4. Offer is calculated from the date of set down through to the official contract start date.
  5. Applies only to those vessels listed For Sale direct with the onsite based Brokers.
  6. Applies only to those vessels that are set down in the dedicated out-of-water Boat Sales precinct.
  7. Offer is valid within the period effective from November 1st 2018 through to May 31st 2019.
  8. Does not apply to those vessels already set down within the Boat Sales precinct before or after the above dates.
  9. Reverts to standard Broker storage rate per month thereafter (i.e. after the first introductory three months from set down)
  10. Should the listing be withdrawn within the first three months of Haul out & set down, the Storage fees from the date of set down will be back charged and the Broker storage rate will apply. The vessel will then return to water, Hardstand or Northern storage and possibly incur a relocate charge.
  11. All vessels set down must have full comprehensive Insurance.
  12. Club Marine Insurance based onsite can review the options of a lay up reduced fee structure.
  13. Not valid in conjunction with any other promotional offer or discount.
  14. Subject to availability.
  15. Subject to change by The Boat Works Management at any time.
  16. Strictly no works permitted in the Broker precinct.
  17. Strictly no staying on-board within the Boat Sales precinct.
  18. This storage fee relief is an offer provided direct from The Boat Works.