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Pump It, Don’t DUMP IT

In the lead up to Clean Up Australia weekend, 4 & 5 March 2023, The Boat Works is getting behind an initiative by Sweep Marine Services, keen to inform boaties and marinas that dumping raw sewage into our waterways is just not on!

Director, Con Beldie and his team at Sweep Marine Services have been operating on Gold Coast waterways for a decade, with a fleet of custom-built barges and trucks servicing privately owned and commercial vessels and waterfront residences.

As Con explains, “One of the biggest issues we’ve seen amongst private and commercial operators is the lack of education and information regarding the access to pump out facilities, both fixed and mobile.

“The ‘Pump It, Don’t Dump it’ approach is embraced by industry bodies and marinas, however the lack of implementation is where it falls short

Our initiative of placing a QR Code on the pedestals of each dock of all participating marinas so boat owners have direct access to all pump out services aims to close that gap.  The Boat Works are onboard with the QR Code initiative rolling out the campaign throughout their 115 in-water service berths at the Boatyard and Superyacht basin.

“Via the QR code, vessels of 50 to 100-feet can call and access all the options for any kind of pump out, any waste liquid: oil, diesel, black and grey water for mobile pump outs. We have two vessels to come to them via water and a fleet of trucks that can come by road.

“Boat owners can also find the fixed pump out locations and head there themselves. If they’re cruising around Wavebreak Island, for example, they can go to SYC and pump out there. If they are visiting the marinas, we will be there servicing visiting vessels on a schedule which can be found via the QR code.”

The QR Code link includes information on all available mobile pump out services as well as the location of the Southport Yacht Club’s fixed black water pump out facility.

This information will be updated at any time if more pump out facilities come into operation throughout the Gold Coast.

“This is not only a platform for Sweep Marine Services pump out services, but for the entire network of marinas,” adds Con. “It’s another important step towards keeping our waterways clean.”

Contact: Sweep Marine Services via #0416 588 646

Email Constantin Beldie

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