A proud day; Thanks to Sailability Gold Coast

Tuesday 20/6/17 ‘Giving freedom on the water regardless of ability’

A special thanks to Greg Wright, Vice President & Jonathon Simms, President from Sailability Gold Coast for the invitation to attend today’s plaque reveal.

Jonathan Simms, Shane Subichin, Peter Board

We celebrated onsite at the Hollywell based club all those whom have contributed towards the no

Founder; Marion Ham 20yr anniversary

n-for profit organisation of late.  We were also privilege to meet the founder of the group, Marion Ham who today was honoured with a symbolic plaque. She starting the idea some 20 years ago and continues to support & encourage volunteers and participants.




The Boat Works this time last year extended a massive cheque for $10,000 to the cause.

This generous donation presented by all The Boat Works staff gave way to the recent extensions and enhancements made by Sailability to their Gold Coast based working and storage facility.

2016 donation from the Shipyard Crew to Sailability GC
2016 donation from the Shipyard Crew to Sailability GC

It has welcomed not only expansion to the centre itself but has enabled the club to enhance they’re overall offerings to the public. It allows the volunteers and clients to simply have a better organised day-out with more time on the water with their clients.

‘We are thrilled to see the importance of these improvements for Greg and his team who donate their time to this great local club’ says TBW Marketing Manager, Charmaine Webb.

The principal purpose of this organisation is to facilitate sailing and boating, in all forms, for people with disabilities.

Sailability’ is a world wide organisation but is operated independently in each location and country. It started some 35 years ago in the UK and has spread rapidly across the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.
The club is a truly community, non-profit organisation whose principal purpose is to facilitate sailing and boating, in all forms, for people with disabilities.

Sailability is a recognised charity and receives no government funding. They rely totally on local residents, corporate entities, schools and other charities to funIMG_4846d activities.

Southport Yacht Club at Hollywell very generously provide a home base for providing fun and freedom for all clients.

Their activities include an introductory and recreational sailing program.

The club believes in making the almost impossible happen and with the help of all volunteers they are able to provide people with disabilities the opportunity to make their dreams of freedom on the water a reality.

Sailing is one of the very few sports in which ablebodied and disabled sailors can participate on equal terms. Imagine the thrill of sailing for people who can feel and hear but have no sight, or of sailing a boat at speed even though they can’t walk, or of joining in a sport where deafness or any disability doesn’t matter.

The sport of sailing has given added meaning to the words freedom and fun for a person with diminished capabilities be they physical, intellectual or both.

This experience truly enriches their lives. The program also encourages people to sail solo in our dinghies or as a crew member on yachts.

You can find out more at http://sailabilitygc.org/

Run every Tuesday Thursdays and Saturdays volunteers wanted