Meet the crew- Sailing Zatara

Having a staggering 30,000 nautical miles under the family of 5’s belts we proudly welcomed the Z-Crew here to The Boat Works for a Q&A on their circumnavigations.

The family gave away the rate race back in 2016 & have travelled half the globe sharing their adventures and experiences with incredible footage and insight captured of their circumnaviagtion via YouTube and Instagram.

This video captures the Meet & Greet hosted on the 31/1/21 here onsite at The Boat Works unique Car Museum & cafe ‘Espresso Twenty5’.

Keith 50 yrs | Renee (47) | Jack (18) | Finn (14) | Kate (13)

Listen and learn:

1. How much does it COST $ per year for a family to sail?

2. What might be the Extra Costs not factored in?

3. Sail alone or with other people – the benefits for a family?

4. How to know when to be ready to tackle an ocean crossing?

58′ Privilege Catamaran

Binge some of their videos captured along the way via the link:

Sailing Zatara Link