Marine Travel Lift

100 tonne imageLifting up to 110′ long vessels.

‘Harry’ the Marine Travel Lift as we call him has now been onsite for over two years. From acquiring Harry the site has certainly changed with a considerable amount of expansion to suit.

We have incorporated a Super shed facility that caters to vessels up to 15 meters high.

This area proves to be a populated haven for vessels undertaking modifications and extensions or just those that are just after a buff & shine.

Everything is onsite, a true one stop shop option.

You have the luxury of choice when here onsite as you call the shots. Alternatively if pushed for time, we have you covered with an extensive range of onsite marine professionals all centrally located within the heart of the Gold Coast Marine Precinct.


The Refit shed options have the added benefits whilst undertaking modifications and or detailing works etc:

– optional screens for enclosure

– container storage hire fully equipped with work bench inside

– choice of your courtesy car subject to availability

100 tonne machine 4

Marine Travel lift presented us with an additional features on the 100 tonne lift; an extended forebeam which enables the larger wider catamarans or sailing yachts to be hauled with ease and no removal or wasted time de-rigging.

This in turn provides benefit for all involved.

100 tonne 2

Call our team at reception for your competitive quote & be sure to enquire about the courtesy car option (07) 55 000 000  or

100 tonne machine 3