Get the professional experience of full marine and yacht detailing Gold Coast at our marine facility. With regular washing and care, you will discover the refreshed beauty of your water vessel. When owning such a prized possession, keeping the interiors and exteriors well maintained means protecting them from the elements and contaminants.

Under the harsh Australian sun and corrosion caused by sea salt and other environmental issues, regular maintenance means that every hatch, deck, cupboard and surface of your watercraft will remain safe and protected from the elements.

Stress-Free Yacht Detailing

Make the smarter choice and stay stress-free by engaging with our marine detailing services. Offering a comprehensive array of options, you can expect that our crews can:

  • Complete interior & exterior cleaning
  • Removal of rust stains
  • Regular wash down
  • Polishing & waxing
  • Anti-fouling

Our marine facility businesses focus on handling the maintenance so you can enjoy spending time on the water in a refreshed vessel.

Regular Boat Cleaning & Washing

With a significant investment like a boat, preserving it through regular maintenance ensures you can enjoy it year-round while it keeps its shine and remains safe. Businesses at our Gold Coast marine facility have been successfully maintaining water vessels for many years and have a positive reputation for making the experience seamless.

The marine trades take pride in the level of care they take with any of the services they deliver for vessels of all sizes. Whether you choose a regular wash-down or a one-off full service, you can confidently have your requirements met by a professional team.

Get out on the water sooner and on top of maintenance by engaging one of our marine trades to manage all aspects for you. Visit us in person or contact us for further information.