Hardstand undergoes facelift

The Hardstand has undergone a facelift.

It now incorporates a semi-covered structure aiding in some relief from the elements.

The structures design is simply intended to provide an area of shelter rather than a complete overhead screen, still allowing unlimited height options for the Hardstand works area.

What this allows is an area under shelter for you to set up tool benches, storage of items even screening between vessel bays.

The added opportunity of additional drop down screens can be placed between each Hardstand allocated bay.

Our Hardstand customers have already been taking advantage since we divided and screened each of the four rows.

It all aids towards a welcomed benefit from the elements along with an even more controlled work space away from the neighbouring boat.


This now further compliments the newly constructed Covered Hardstand C precinct.

An area of which we are continually receiving feedback of the results achieved from working undercover. Not only a welcomed sigh and great appreciation out of the rain and sun, but genuinly better results from detailing and polishing works. The results achieved just alone from using the fresh water from the recently installed rainwater tanks are proving a success.F9DC252A-E06A-4927-ABFF-38867937A3AD

9FED5081-DE81-4D70-BF53-1C092D247F02Now available in conjunction with our 30+ individual Refit Sheds are the added choices of Covered & Uncovered Hardstand options.

Contact our friendly team at reception for your  upgrade: 07 55 00 00 00 admin@theboatworks.com.au