Harbour Force Expands onsite

Harbour Force will expand to The Boat Works to a new, purpose-built workshop within the Superyacht Yard.

Run by Jeremy and Virginia Cross, Harbour Force employs 15 people specialising in Antifouling, Detailing and other yard services.

Strong boat sales and an exponential increase in vessel visitation have generated record levels of opportunity through refit projects, maintenance and berthing at The Boat Works.

The 80 tenants located over the two yards have been enjoying steady workflow and expansion over the past years since 2020 major site expansion brought way to double the yards size with additional marine infrastructure i.e. Superyacht Yard and marina enhancements.

To accommodate the demands of the full range of vessels, from local boats and PWCs to cruising catamarans and superyachts, The Boat Works continues with the growth, planning even more major investment within the facilities, welcoming more businesses on-site.

“More Boats really does mean more jobs,” states The Boat Works’ CEO and owner, Tony Longhurst.

“We welcome Jeremy and Virginia Cross, along with their team, to The Boat Works and wish them every success.”

“We are thrilled to welcome to our boat yard true old fashion service providers, with the culture and focus on achieving high end results and true customer satisfaction,” says Charmaine Webb, The Boat Works Marketing Manager.

“The Boat Works has developed a strong ethos based on service, providing reliable options of services across the array of marine trade professionals onsite. The dedication and work ethic from the Harbour Force team strengthen the high level of service offerings here onsite and allows our clientele more choice when it comes to choosing their marine trades and services.”

From a background in Luxury Hotels and customer service, Jeremy Cross started Harbour Force in 2004, specialising in antifouling, detailing, sandblasting and other yacht services.

“I was always around the water either water skiing or out on a tinny,” says Jeremy Cross, Harbour Force Director.

“I started as a one-man operation in 2004, and now we have around 15 people working with us, covering many facets; from antifoul to shipwright and gel coat repair specialists.

“As well as antifouling, sandblasting and gel coat repair, Harbour Force offers steam cleaning of upholstery and carpets, and can provide Project Management services to collaborate with other trades on works if required.

“We have our own Durable Ceramic Seal to protect a vessel’s paintwork, called Force One, which is removed and reapplied annually, meaning no cut and polish required,” adds Jeremy.

“We take extreme pride in our work and over the past 19 years, we’ve built genuine rapport with Captains, Owners and other Trade professionals.

“We are looking forward to expanding into a new, state-of-the-art facility with its big sheds, friendly staff, and an influx of vessels.” he says.

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More via: www.harbourforce.com.au