Here we grow again!

The Boat Works welcomes the newest heavyweight in town, weighing in at 150 Tonnes. 

300t Boatlift begins hauling January 2020

Australia’s sprawling 55 acre shipyard and marina, The Boat Works is proud to announce the arrival of the Gold Coast’s largest ship lift, the 300 Tonne marvel named “Rhino” for its grit and hauling power.

Gold Coast Marine Precinct | TBW expansion will double its footprint

With 2.8m wheels and a stonking 12 metres in height, towering over the newly completed additional slipway, the 300 Tonne Marine Travelift now takes pride of place at the new Superyacht Facility and is on track to begin lifting January 2020.

The new 300 Tonne mobile boat hoist adds to the compilation onsite sharing the expansive footprint with the 70t lift, 100t Marine Travel Lift and the 45t Hydraulic Sealift.

Only three years ago, The Boat Works added the 100 Tonne ship lift to its facilities in the southern yard that today has over 1,000-+ people working onsite and 60 onsite tenants comprising the gamut of marine professionals.

Shane Subichin, General Manager proud to welcome the new acquisition

The new 300 Tonne shiplift arrived only last week from the US and a week later was standing proud & complete– an impressive feat which matches the pace of construction in the new superyacht yard. Over half of The Boat Works’ new superyacht yard is taken up with 40,000-square-metres of concrete, and expansive steel beams and walls are going up each day for the 18 massive individual refit sheds.“The pace is incredible to say the least,” commented Shane Subichin, The Boat Works General Manager. “The new superyacht yard has really taken shape in only the past three months since we hosted the ASMEX and the Marina Industries Association Marinas19 delegates in May.

“There is nothing comparable in Australia, and most likely, the world. The environmental initiatives, including water filtration and large tracts of bio gardens, are unique.”

Scheduled for official early 2020, The Boat Works Superyacht Yard will feature allocated work bays for superyachts up to 50m with a choice of 18 individual refit sheds, dedicated hardstand space, Captains and Owners’ lounge, 75m superyacht service berth option, an extra 50 work berths, all within what will be the greenest and cleanest facility.

Scott Alger, Director of Asia & Oceania Sales at Marine Travelift said “Marine Travelift is grateful for our continued partnership with The Boat Works team including the recent addition of a 300 CII Marine Travelift mobile boat hoist to their marina.

“With the new 300 CII The Boat Works has significantly increased their lifting capability which now enables them to expand their market presence.”

Key Stats:

Name:                                 300t Marine Travel Lift ‘Rhino’

Hauling capacity:             300 metric Tonnes, 660,000lbs/300,000kg, vessels up to 165ft / 50m

Height:                                 12 metres

Overall width:                   14 metres

Overall Length:                 16 metres

Marine Travelift is the industry leader for innovative boat handling equipment. Offering expansive lines of mobile boat hoists, marine forklifts and self-propelled transporters that are designed to safely transport yachts and other large vessels.