Mayor Kidnapped at Superyacht Launch

Kidnappings, Superyachts, Aston Martins, Explosions and Stunt Bikes take over the Boat Launch at The Boat Works Northern Yard.

Friday 3rd May brought way to a unique boat launch for the innovative and stunning collection of Galeons & Ocean Alexander 88.

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The night was one with a point of difference.

A memorable night for all as the proceedings hosted by racing car legend Russell Ingall was interrupted by a group of hoodlums suddenly ambushing their way through the crowd to kidnap our Gold Coast’s Mayor Tom Tate.

(all in good jest, Mayor Tom Tate is safe and well. We sincerely Thank him for being such the typical Aussie team player enjoying a bit of lighthearted humour)

Gary Reid Showtime FMX, Mayor Tom Tate, Tony Longhurst, Russel Ingall, May 3 2019