ESTHEC: the totally plastic-free teak alternative

Light-weight, eco-friendly, UV resistant, durable and extremely low maintenance, Esthec Nautical Decking is the teak-alternative used by cruise ships for close to 20 years and now making impact in the recreational yacht segment.

Ocean Degree, located within The Boat Works, Coomera, is the exclusive Queensland distributor and installer for Esthec and has constructed a large new workshop dedicated to CAD and CNC operations.

“We are proud to be the official representative for Esthec serving the Gold Coast Marine Precinct and Queensland also making “Made to Fit Decks” to the Industry in the whole Pacific Region,” said Levi Duncan, Director at Ocean Degree. “A few years ago, when we saw Feadship and other leading international brands were using Esthec, we jumped at the chance to take on distribution in Australia. We also have local support from Esthec Australia, whose presence brings confidence to the Australian market, including a factory backed product warranty.
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“It’s the only product among many teak alternatives that contains no PVC and no plastics. It also has no timber, doesn’t harm the environment and it won’t burn your feet! It’s made from 85% natural materials including 25% recycled content.”

“We have already worked on dozens of boats. The potential for this incredible product is unlimited and we are already seeing huge interest from our customers, from superyacht owners to smaller vessels replacing their timber decking with Esthec for its many advantages, including longevity, safety and range of colours and finishes.”

Made by Dutch giant, Bolidt, which has more than 40 years’ experience supplying deck coverings for commercial shipping and cruise liners, Esthec is the product of intense R&D and was created specifically for the superyacht industry.

Esthec is a composite material with a specialised surface finish, and Bolidt claims that Esthec can match teak in texture and feel, as well as appearance, with the added advantages that it is not limited by the shape of the grain and is not restrained by colour. It also has a much longer life span than teak, so the life cycle cost and impact on the environment is greatly reduced.

Esthec can be used as a ship deck on any type of vessel; mega yachts, displacement yachts, powerboats, race-cruisers, tenders and RIBS. Ranging beyond the traditional brown of teak, Esthec offers a myriad of choices in colour, texture and form and boasts an array of product benefits.
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“Esthec is strong, durable, fully-customisable and feels comfortable barefoot,” explained Levi. “Even in wet conditions and at a slope, Esthec is non-slip. It does not absorb water, doesn’t stain and is resistant to oils and greases. Plus, it’s easy to clean and requires no maintenance.”

Where the traditional seams in the planking were once filled with pitch to make them watertight, they are now cut by a router and then filled. This means that the seams can be cut into any shape, so even curved planking is now an option. The planking and seams can be tinted in various colours, including ‘natural teak’, and offer a wide range of design possibilities. Esthec also has a range of low temperature colours that further enhance its performance in the heat.

And when you consider good quality teak is getting scarcer by the day, demand exceeds supply, resulting in illegal logging, deforestation and continual price increases, using a man-made material such as Esthec, which is consistent in quality, sustainable, ethically made and ensures the conservation of South-East Asian forests, habitats for many species, is the easy choice for your refit or build.

Marcel van der Spek, co-founder of Esthec, said the uptake of the product has been phenomenal, now the choice of superyacht designers such as Andrew Winch, German Frers, Vripack, Guido de Groot Design, Espen Oeino, and Ashish Gupta, award winning designers incorporating Esthec in their customised designs.

Notable superyachts, many of them in charter, use Esthec, among them MY OKTO. The 66m full displacement motor yacht with jet black steel hull, sharp bow, sleek silver superstructure and hydraulic balcony, boasts broad Esthec planks in a tailor-made colour, running along the centre line and narrowing towards the beam, enhancing the powerful lines of highly-acclaimed designer, Alberto Pinto.

“Australian brands such as Palm Beach are offering this to their clients and many owners are now aware of the benefits. We are taking enquiries non-stop and we see a bright future for this quality product downunder.”

For information visit or contact Levi Clarke 0411 722 542.