Down to Earth at The Boat Works 

Down to Earth in our Boatyard

Occupying prime waterfrontage on the Coomera River, on Queensland’s Gold Coast, The Boat Works has always practiced responsible custodianship of the waterway, Mangroves and on-site waste disposal.

New on 2018 are a series of initiatives and new structures that boost the 23-acre facility’s credentials as the cleanest and greenest boat yard in the Australia.

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“We have always set the standards high,” explained General Manager, Shane Subichin, “We have full time cleaning staff for the yard and two dustless commercial sweepers picking up every skerrick of refuse.

We store one million+ litres of rainwater for site cleaning, use on the hardstand and in our bathrooms, and we treat all water from the hardstand and sheds using the high-tech, Australian-made Fox Environmental System within the newly built covered hardstand precinct, a 3-stage process that aids in stormwater diversion and wastewater treatment.

We have installed stainless-steel filtration seals on all drains to prevent debris entering our waterways, built new water tanks to collect rainwater, constructed new shade shelters, plus screens in all our 30 refit sheds for a controlled working environment.”

Still more exciting is the installation of a large solar array which will reduce The Boat Works’ CO2 emissions by 175 tonnes per annum, equivalent to removing 38 cars off the road.

The 357-panel 100kw system covers one-quarter of the roof space on Building G and is forecast to generate 164,160 kWh per annum.

Lighting too has been replaced throughout the entire site, including replacing 158 Highbay lights and 76 Flood Lights with new generation LED lights, which not only improve lighting quality and reduce the risk of fire hazard, they reduce network demand by 71 percent compared with the previous lighting AND equal a reduction in CO2 emissions of 220 tonnes per annum, the equivalent to removing 48 cars off the road each year.

“These are major steps for The Boat Works and will have a genuine impact on the environment,” said Shane. “Taking the lead when it comes to strategies to reduce our impact on the planet is important to our tenants, customers and workforce.

“We all own boats and don’t want to play and swim in polluted water. Our customers are environmentally aware sailors and boat owners who want their marine environment to remain pristine for their children and generations to come.”

Next on the agenda at The Boat Works is a renovation for the recycling zoned area onsite, creating a dedicated depot for waste, separating them into steel, oil, recyclables for professional collection.

We pride ourselves on being the Cleanest and Greenest Boatyard in the southern hemisphere!