Cruise In Company to New Caledonia in 2017

The Down Under Rally is providing the opportunity to join the 2017 “Go East” Rally and cruise in company to New Caledonia.

About New Caledonia

New Caledonia is the closest pacific island to Australia and at the right time of the year, with the right weather conditions the passage from the Gold Coast is often touted by those who have many blue water miles under their keels as one of the most pleasant of passages they have ever done.

Cruising the vast lagoon of New Caledonia is truly a pleasure. The water is in the lagoon is deep, clear and protected by the second longest barrier reef in the world!

Boasting the largest lagoon in the world there are an abundance of excellent anchorages that you will quite often have all to yourself. It is possible to day sail the entire coast of New Caledonia and the outer lying Loyalty & Ile des Pins Islands whilst enjoying over 135 anchorages along the way!

The pristine coral reefs, white sandy beaches and exotic island bird life are protected via a system of marine reserves. Fish that are found in these marine reserves are incredibly tame and offer some fantastic opportunities for the budding underwater photographer

Extending from the tropics at 18 degrees in the north to the temperate zone of 23 degrees in the south New Caledonia enjoys one of the nicest climates on earth making it the perfect place to escape the for the winter months.

As far as culture goes New Caledonia offers a fascinating blend of Melanesian’s, European’s, Polynesian’s, Micronesians, Chinese and more all of which provide a wealth of culinary & cultural delights.

The city of Noumea offers supermarkets, shops of every description with transport options to make re-provisioning your vessel a breeze.  Restaurants, night clubs, museum’s, a casino, theater and regular street entertainment also mean that you can always find something to do or see when you are in port.

If hiking or bushwalking is your thing then you will be well satisfied by the many and varied wilderness trails of New Caledonia especially those along the rivers and coast.

About the Down Under “Go East Rally”

The Down Under “Go East” Rally will depart the Boat Works Marina in May 2017. The Rally is open to sail and power vessels alike.

An information session is being held at the Boat Works Galley Restaurant on November 20th 2016. For info go to

For more info about the Down Under “Go East” Rally and to submit your obligation free expression of interest go to