Covered Hardstand option

Why work out in the harsh QLD climate when you can now have the choice to opt for a Covered Hardstand allocation.
You will never go back to just being set down on the Hardstand to complete your annual maintenance.
A welcomed relief, don’t battle with the rush to complete the works in and around the rain or the heat.
The additional Covered Hardstand allocations increase the yards capacity. Inviting another option for your work area other than a standard Hardstand spot or Refit Shed.

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-covering up to 55 foot vessels

-8m in height

– providing a welcomed break from the elements

-Great for those Mechanical and Detailing jobs allowing a better finish out of the elements within a controlled environment

-Get the list of jobs completed quicker without delays from the harsh sun or dreaded rain interruptions.

We encourage you to take advantage of upgrading your working area next time your out with us. You will find it to be a top spot for controlling the works giving a premium finish on those detailing jobs and maximising your time out of the water for those mechanical and antifoul turnarounds.

Covered Hardstand option

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