Cooling towers

Now available For Hire onsite.

A genius idea from a environmental and work perspective, the cooling tower replaces the job of saltwater at sea when the yachts are out of the water in the yard. Allowing for the whole boats systems such as refrigeration, air conditioning and AV to continue to function as if normal.

Reduces the internal impact by eliminating the existence of moisture or simple overheating and frees up the yards use of water as it continually recycles the water content within the unit.

Crew will continue to work as if the vessel was still at sea.

How it works;

-Cooling tower simulates normal sea water circulation through the boat

-tower connects directly to the sea water inlet and outlet points

-efficienct, eco-friendly and a healthy option for keeping vessels at normal operating mode when not afloat

-keeps vessel in full operational mode removing the need for crew hotels etc. for shorter stay works

-maintains the interiors furnishings etc. in the best stable environment whilst out of water

-not need to defrost the fridge, maintains the temperature of the beer!

With a compact and portable design the unit is available for hire:

Ocean Degree Yacht Services 0411 722 542