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John Lance, owner of the largest boating chandlery on the Gold Coast shares some insight; Marine Trade Supplies and Chandlery

Get the right advice & product the first time round.
Behind the counter at Marine Trade Supplies, manager John Lance has a familiar face and is a true marine industry professional. Shelves surrounding him are carefully stocked with wide range of boat yard supplies including paints, detailing materials, solvents and safety needs. He heeds a warning to boat owners everywhere.

no logo-27marine trade supplies“It is so important that you get the right advice and the right product for your job, as there are so many different scenarios you need to be aware of,” says John.

“With the incorrect coating application, the outcome can be time consuming and expensive to patch or worse, having to totally repair the entire surface. It’s not a matter of just having the right paint or product either. You also need the right preparation, film build and recoat times. It’s never just a matter of applying the right material on the right spot,” he adds.
Marine Trade Supplies at The Boat Works has an extensive range on offer for all your antifoul needs.

Pre-order and they will even have the goods ready and delivered direct to your allocated Hardstand or Refit Shed within the yard!

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