Make sure your boat is in tip-top shape before you head out on the water, and you’ll be able to enjoy a trip that goes off without a hitch. From simple maintenance to more involved repairs, our crews can inspect, manage and mend any issues you’re facing that impair your safety and enjoyment of water activities.

At our complex, the marine trade businesses never compromise on using the best materials to produce seamless results at the most competitive prices. The owners and operators have workshops fully stocked with materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure that every job they take on is completed to the highest standard.

Choose Us for Superior Results

While it’s ideal to keep your vessel in the best shape so repairs aren’t required, sometimes issues arise. Whether you’re berthed with us or not, we welcome you to experience what our qualified crews have to offer – from basic problems to unique complexities.

You can expect that all your electrical issues, upholstery and exterior surfaces will run smoothly, look aesthetically pleasing, and be water ready even when you’re not using your vessel when you choose from our reliable services.

A Community of Qualified, Marine Experienced Professionals

At The Boat Works, we value the expertise of each business and all they have to offer. There is a great community atmosphere where your needs are listened to and met within a suitable timeframe. You’re making a better choice where you gain value in service and the expertise of experienced professionals who understand the importance of keeping you and your vessel safe.

Whether visiting us for the first time or regularly berth with us, we recommend browsing through our marine trades for premium services. If DIY is your thing, we also provide facilities for you to have a go yourself.