Located on the Coomera River, repower your boat mechanics with a certified crew across our marine facility. We have an impressive array of businesses that are experts in the maintenance and repair of many marinecraft, including utilising their skills to:

  • Onboard equipment: Time is spent troubleshooting and repairing equipment with electrical issues, particularly engines and steering systems.
  • AC system maintenance: Conducting any electrical work required on onboard AC systems.
  • Engines: Replacing aging or broken engine parts and installing new motors.
  • Propellers: Keep propellers in working order through regular inspection and proper installation.
  • Plumbing: Undertaking any intake and plumbing repairs that arise.
  • Testing: Regular testing of all onboard electrical equipment to ensure it’s safe and working correctly.

Our trusted crew have extensive knowledge and practical experience to expertly investigate and fix any issues that arise.

Repower Your Boat With Experienced Marine Mechanics

Whether you have a luxury motoryacht or runabout cruiser our marine technicians give attention to detail and personalised services to all their clients. Each business within our waterfront location uses technology forward equipment and diagnostic tools to identify, replace, fix or manage any issues your vessel is facing.

When you engage in the services of our providers, you can choose one of our local technicians yourself, or we can organise a project manager to coordinate for you. Ask us how.

Visit Our Boatyard for Specialised Services

Our Coomera location is ideal for managing your vessel, with undercover and hardstand options for repair. We welcome clients from across the globe and communicate clearly with each one to deliver the services required. We are the destination of choice for superior boat maintenance and repairs.

Visit our beautiful location where you can enjoy the surroundings or browse through the selection of our professional services where you can choose a team that works for you.