Polishing in the Sun – like mixing water & oil

It just doesn’t work!

If you’ve ever waxed a car then I’m sure you’ve heard this before ‘always wax in the shade, out of direct sunlight’

The choice is yours and we provide options here with over 30+ covered working bays.

An undercover hardstand area suitable for vessels up to 12 meters in height.

Extensive range of refit sheds suiting vessels up to 20 meters in height.

Polishing in the sun will naturally dry out your polish much quicker and the section your working on may burn through the paint from excessive heat.

In saying this it can be polished whilst out in the sun but it is recommended to concentrate on smaller sections and you will notice that more product will be used than normal. Due to the surface temperature being high it can have the effect of softening the paint, making it more susceptible to light scratches, swirl marks etc.

It will defiantly take longer to complete the job at hand this way.

For the most part we recommend washing and polishing your vessel in the shade to yield better visual results.

To achieve the best results, look to secure a either a refit shed or covered hardstand allocation when hauling out for your maintenance period. The Boat Works facilitates over 70 sheds available across the two adjoining boatyards. Maximum capacity up to 20m in height and 45m in length.

Secure your covered work bay by calling on (07) 55 000 000 or emailing your request via

Should you simply not want to endure the task of washing and or polishing try contacting our reputable onsite professional as noted below via our Marine Trade Directory link.