Superior Anode protection

The first line of defense against electrolysis and galvanic corrosion. For anodes to provide good protection, there must be enough anodes to bring the full potential of the vessel down by 0.2V to an acceptable range. The lower the measured voltage, the less likely the metal will corrode.

With various shapes and sizes of anodes that all provide a variety of purposes, knowing which boats need which anodes can become a complex task.

The team of professionals onsite at the Marine Trade Supplies & Chandlery superstore have a comprehensive range in stock and can offer insight as to what’s best for either your cruising vessel or outboard motor be it aluminum or zinc.

The Maddox anode is an internationally accredited sacrificial anode for timber and fibreglass vessels. A specialised anode designed to effec­tively pro­tect bronze and stain­less steel parts on composite and wooden ves­sels by cre­at­ing a more efficient pathway for cathodic protection. By generating more efficient galvanic currents – common issues associated with overprotection, like paint blasting & excessive anode wear are remarkably reduced. Vast improvements to coating performance on metallic articles is experienced, while allowing coatings to perform resulting in a reduction of marine growth.

Maddox Anodes are cadmium free and environmentally friendly.

The MPS Shaft Grounding Straps – available in two sizes – electrically connects a shaft to the Vessel Bonding System with an unmatched surface area connection for maximum efficiency. Made in high quality marine-grade materials – 316 stainless steel mounting arm and tinned copper braid for longevity. Simple installation, designed to fit most shafts via 11 fitting positioning holes.

The MPS Electrolysis Blocker is the only Australian Made galvanic isolator.

This fail-safe unit which is rated up to 67A, is waterproof and contains solid state components, so no maintenance is required. Tested to comply with ASNZS3004 requirements.

Download your ANODE selection guide here

Anode Tips:

1.Change anodes when they are 50% worn

2. Ensure the paint is removed & clean the mounting surface well

3. Ensure a good electrical contact

4. DO NOT paint Anodes

5. Don’t mix Anodes types

Contact a qualified Marine Electrician for further information to test and monitor the vessel’s bonding system and anode connection.

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