Here at The Boat Works, we are proud to say we have created the cleanest and greenest shipyard and marina in the world.

The key guiding principle underpinning our facility is the concept of eco-responsibility.

Our facility occupies over 500 metres of prime waterfront land within the heart of the Gold Coast Marine Precinct, and we have retained a dedicated 200 metres as a ‘Marine Sanctuary’ to help preserve the thriving natural mangrove ecosystem.

Stormwater treatment devices and Bio swales are integrated along the edges of hard stand with river stone and small bridge connections that deliver swathes of rock and planting forming dry creek beds.

Considering the nature of the facility (Marine/commercial), the level that the landscape works completed can be compared to that of a high-end residential area.

Immediately as you enter the site it is very obvious that there has been a tremendous amount of care and resources directed into the vegetation and softening of the built forms, transforming a facility that could be potentially be very harsh and baron environment into an established, lush, resort style facility.

Careful consideration has been given to plant selection – in context to a variety of themes, textures and scale, to work with and compliment the surrounding built form.

This mindset of going over and above the bare minimum has been applied general throughout the site.

We are committed to creating innovative and sustainable new work precincts, and to providing a unique, environmentally friendly marine facility within a Government Gazetted Marine Precinct. We take pride in operating to the highest environmental standard – to maintain the health of our waterways, preserve natural resources and minimise our impact on the environment. Our owners are also passionate environmentalists, with qualifications in Environmental Science and therefore staunch defenders of all that we stand for.

Some of our initiatives include:

  • Solar arrays to reduce carbon emissions and a reliance on coal-fired power.
  • Rainwater tanks to minimise a reliance on precious water resources.
  • Stainless steel grates that filter debris and wastewater prior to entry to the stormwater.
  • The collection, filtration and recycling of run-off water via high-tech systems that conserve water and protect our waterways.
  • The cultivation of extensive self-cleaning bio-gardens to assist in the filtration of run-off water and rejuvenate the waterfront.
  • The installation of walkways to the marinas to slow the effect of boat wash-down, protect the banks from soil erosion and support mangrove growth.
  • Work bays, hard stands and Superyacht sheds that are constructed on slopes to collect run-off water, which, where possible, is then treated and re-used.
  • A dedicated team of ride-on sweepers to collect any plastics, contaminants and debris onsite further eliminating the waste into the stormwater and improving water quality.
  • A focus on mangrove regeneration that builds a fish-friendly marine infrastructure, protects the shoreline and encourages natural habitats to flourish.
  • Recycling and waste bins throughout the premises within easy access of all tenants and boat bays.