A bright solution onboard

There is no questioning the benefits of LED over halogen bulbs; halogens consume 90% more power and provide less measured light than LEDs. This means the switch to LED onboard will save you time and energy, if you do it correctly.

The most common mistake boaties make is replacing existing halogen with a cheap, low-grade LED option, according to Errol Cain, renowned industry expert and Managing Director of Australian Marine Wholesale.

Initially, people go for price over quality, purchasing a cheap globe manufactured in China,” says Errol, a marine veteran of 28 years. “While it will save energy over the power-hungry halogen, it’ll only last a few months before it requires your attention and your wallet again. A good LED lasts 60,000 hours, basically a one-off cost. You’ve got to weight up the cost over the longevity.

Another common misconception surrounding LED is the output of light itself. “A lot of people like warm light, and think all LEDs come out in cool white, however, the colour temperature can be richer and more vibrant than before,” says Errol.

A bright solution onboard

Whether you require a flood or spotlight, to a complete interior conversion, Errol can recommend the most efficient LED products to meet your needs. “In terms of technology, Lumitec is the leading company in LED marine lighting. They are at the forefront of LED technology and their products are manufactured in Florida.

Errol and his team of qualified electricians at Australian Marine Wholesale have exclusive access to the full Lumitec range of over 500 different lights, including underwater options, in many variants and colours. If you require assistance with anything electrical, call Errol on (07) 5580 1511 or visit amwholesale.com.au

A professional marine business based at The Boat Works, Australian Marine Wholesale distributes products of the highest quality in the marine electronics and electrical fields including Furuno, Garmin, Raymarine and Simrad amongst other leading brands. They are exclusive suppliers to Belize Motor Yachts and New Ocean Yachts, and sole distributors for Lumitec Lighting, Sea Recovery Water Makers, and Iris Camera Systems.