Need a work bench whilst here onsite

Our newest offer to you;

We constantly involve our team onsite to offer insight to enhancing the Boatyard.

This time around Shane Subichin, General Manager reviewed the input from all the Shipyard staff onsite.

Brian McArthur our experienced Shipyard operator developed the concept of having a smaller controlled environment for the finer preparation works that may be needed.

Simple concept of a work bench.

An area that can be used for storage of goods, tools etc whilst here onsite completing vessel repairs, antifouling etc and all within a container.

A ‘ Refit Container’


Two of these ‘Refit Containers’ are now in place within the yard for a minimum hire of $100 per week (minimum charge of 1 week)


  • Work bench
  • Vice
  • can be a lockable and secure option to store items within whist works are underway

The container can be located with ease and access direct from your Hardstand or Refit shed allocation.


For further information regarding use and booking availability please do contact Reception on; (07) 55 000 000